Live Edge Redwood Burl Slabs For Sale in Redcrest, CA

If you're searching for Redwood Burl Slabs, Redwood Laser offers high-quality pieces in a variety of sizes. Our Redwood Burl Slabs are unique and have distinguished live edges that make for stunning tables and furniture. All of our wood is 100% reclaimed or sourced from sustainable forest management. We are passionate about using reclaimed redwood to create high-quality, custom pieces. Visit Redwood Laser's shop inventory to learn more about our Redwood Burl Slabs. 

All our Signs are made to order.  

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"Redwood laser created the most beautiful wood engraved custom boxes. Such craftsmanship!"

— Annemarie M.

"Redwood Laser is the greatest open wood engraving site I know, so I would highly recommend it if you love engraved wood of your choice."

— Haydin W.