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For the love of DOG!

In July, as an effort to convey our family’s ridiculous love for dogs, we ran a contest where each contestant was to send us a picture of their dog, and we would choose the cutest three dogs to be featured in this blog post. We also planned to give a small gift to the winners.

It turns out, even though I had my sister and wife help with picking the winners, that choosing the cutest dog is as hard for me as choosing my favorite flavor of ice cream. It can be done, but why, when they’re all so darn good. As it is, we settled on three pictures.

For a prize, my goal was to use my new Photo Laser software to manipulate the winning photographs, and then engrave them on figured maple slabs. After some serious trial and error, and some help from tech support at cadlink, I was able to get it done.

I have used this software before and had great results on redwood, but the contrast quality of maple is far better to me. I have been wanting to do more for pet owners for some time. Now, I finally feel like I can create a product that will allow my customers to choose from having a simple but elegant sign or memorial for their pet made, or, if they choose, we can go ham and create images that can be engraved on all kinds of items.

It seems, even in the world of super advanced cell phone cameras, that the photos taken with a cell phone or other mobile device, take much longer to work through than say a photo taken with our Cannon Rebel. The reason is size. Mobile devices are meant to keep the image small, so it can easily be passed on to mobile apps like Facebook or Instagram. That said, I can digitize and engrave any photograph. It just takes time. Even an old photograph, one that has actually been printed, can be worked into an image that can be engraved.

I’m super happy about finally getting to work with the full version of Cadlink’s Engravelab and look forward to engraving lots of photo’s. It has been a pleasure working on the winner’s gifts, and to feature them on my website! Thank you to all who entered and be sure to like our facebook page, so you can be notified of future contest giveaways.

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