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Our Wood Shop!

I have owned many wood shops in my life, but none of them have been as comfortable and productive as my current facility. With well over 2,000 square foot of floor space, a loft, and operating room to house my lasers, our facility is also equipped with some great equipment. We have three professional lasers, two vinyl cutters, a 40” time saver, planners, bandsaws, wood lathes and much more. I don’t take for granted this space, though it is often overwhelming for me, as I have never had a shop space quite this large. 


Housed in the front of our facility is Burlwood Gallery, of which I am a part owner. The gallery is a wonderful space and since it is located on the world famous Avenue of the Giants, we see visitors from all over the world. Once we are through this Pandemic, we will once again welcome visitors to our shop. Until then, feel free to take a virtual look around our facility.

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